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Uncover Luxury: Ranchos Estates Villa Rentals, Punta Mita, Mexico!

Experience Unmatched Opulence in Our Punta Mita Beachfront Villas!

Discovering Ranchos Estates: A Luxurious Escape

Welcome to the exquisite world of luxury and relaxation that is Ranchos Estates, Punta Mita! Nestled gracefully along the breathtaking Punta Mita coastline, this majestic destination offers a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean.

Imagine pristine beaches extending as far as the eye can see, waves of crystal-clear aqua lapping at the shore, all backed by lush emerald jungles. Ranchos Estates is not just a destination; it’s an idyllic paradise that provides the ultimate escape for those yearning for privacy, relaxation, and an embrace of nature’s splendor.

Experience Full-Service Luxury: Villa Rentals at Ranchos Estates

Discover Unmatched Elegance in Our Exquisite, Fully-Staffed Villas

Estate Afrique
From $ $ 10,000 /night
From $ $ 10,000 /night
Estate Venado
From $ $ 6,000 /night
Estate Jaguar
From $ $ 8,000 /night
Casa Akama
From $ $ 13,500 /night
Villa Luna Mar
From $ 6,000 /night
Villa Pacifica
From $ 5,900 /night
Casa Ranchos 15A
From $ 6,300 /night

The Grandeur of Villa Rentals
at Ranchos Estates

Among the myriad treasures Ranchos Estates holds, one that stands out is its collection of ten world-class villas. Each one is a testament to opulence and grandeur, with spacious interiors that sprawl up to 12,000 square feet. Each villa is set on large lots, with lavish amenities ideal for hosting various events. Be it a large family reunion, a grand wedding, or any special occasion, these properties are designed to cater to your every need.

Customizable Services

But the grandeur doesn’t stop at the architecture. These villas offer customizable services that cater to your specific needs. So whether you need a personal chef to whip up gourmet meals, a wedding planner to ensure your special day goes off without a hitch, or a professional photographer to capture your unforgettable moments, Ranchos Estates has got you covered.

Embracing the Beauty
of Punta Mita and Beyond

These majestic creatures are in their natural habitat. Your journey in this vibrant region is not just about the destination but also the multitude of experiences that await you along the way.

There’s so much more to discover and experience in this hot destination, and we invite you to visit Ranchos Estates to witness it all firsthand. Every visit to this paradise brings a new opportunity to explore and immerse yourself in the local culture, flora, and fauna.

Premier Membership: Your Gateway to Five-star Amenities

As a guest at Ranchos Estates, you’re not just booking a villa but gaining access to an exclusive lifestyle. All our properties offer beachfront access and access to the five-star amenities at Punta Mita Club, our premier club that redefines luxury and comfort.

But the luxury experience isn’t confined to our estates. We encourage you to explore the nearby towns and local markets, starting with the charming village of Punta Mita, just a short drive away.

The Dreamlike Experiences
of Ranchos Estates

Staying in the magnificent estates of Ranchos Estates is like stepping into a dream, where privacy, relaxation, and luxury blend to create a unique experience. Every corner, every view, and every moment spent here adds to the beautiful memories you’ll carry back with you.

Booking your villa rental at Punta Mita today is the first step to creating these unforgettable memories. Each villa and experience at Ranchos Estates is a slice of paradise meticulously crafted just for you.

Your Hidden Paradise Awaits

Ranchos Estates, Punta Mita, is more than a luxury villa rental; it’s a ticket to an exclusive world where luxury meets relaxation, and every experience is personalized. Whether planning a grand event or a private retreat, we offer the perfect setting and unmatched services to make your stay memorable.

Book your Luxury Villa

Don’t wait to unveil the splendor of this hidden paradise. Book your luxury villa rental at Ranchos Estates, Punta Mita, today and open the door to a world of grandeur, relaxation, and unforgettable memories. Your private paradise awaits!

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Frequently Asked Questions

The best time to visit Punta Mita depends on what you want from your vacation. If you’re looking for the best weather, November through May offers warm temperatures and little rainfall. If you’re interested in whale-watching, consider visiting between December and March when these majestic creatures migrate to the area.

The high season in Punta Mita runs from December through April. During this time, the weather is ideal with less rain and plenty of sunshine. You can expect more visitors during this period due to the favorable weather and holiday season.

Punta Mita is known for its stunning coastline, pristine beaches, and luxury resorts. It is particularly recognized for its world-class golf courses and exclusive beach clubs. The vibrant marine life, including migrating whales, is another highlight of the region.

Punta Mita boasts several exclusive beach clubs, providing the perfect mix of luxury and relaxation. The most prominent ones include the Kupuri Beach Club, Punta Mita Residents’ Beach Club, and the Sufi Ocean Club. Visitors can also access the beach clubs associated with luxury resorts in the area.

Yes, the beaches in Punta Mita are swimmable. The clear, calm waters of the Pacific Ocean offer a safe and enjoyable swimming experience. Some beaches also have lifeguards on duty for added safety. Always remember to follow any posted signs or warnings, as conditions can change.

Guest Experiences:
Discover the Luxury of Ranchos Estates through Our Villa Reviews

Gina Roscoe
"Casa Escondida is my favorite place in the world”
Casa Escondida is the most magical place my family and I have ever stayed! The home is a paradise on earth. The staff is fantastic, taking care of every detail possible. The beach in front of this home is the best in the entire community. The home sits on the beach but further back than others, which is impressive. The waves are at a perfect distance to be soothing to the soul but not so close to constant noise. The three-tiered pool and magnificent palapa are my favorite parts of the home. I brought along the president of our company and his wife, who has traveled extensively around the world, and they mentioned that it was the best vacation they have ever been on in their entire life! I spend a large portion of my time trying to find another opportunity to go back and enjoy this excellent piece of heaven!
Anna Simons
“Incredible is an understatement”
"My family and I have had the opportunity to visit Casa Escondida several times over the past few years. Describing it as incredible would be an understatement! This property is exquisite! The views from the palapa are incredible. The house offers privacy while still having amazing views and beachfront access. When we aren't swimming in the infinity pool for hours, our kids play on the combed sand beach, building castles while we enjoy guacamole and the views. We have enjoyed massages under the palapa and cooked in the chef's kitchen. We enjoyed access to the electric bikes with baby seats and rode throughout all of Punta Mita on the last trip. Going to Casa Escondida has become a tradition that we look forward to at least once a year!"
Emily Bosch
“Anyone who is lucky enough to stay at this special house will undoubtedly feel its charm and want to go back!”
Our times at Los Ranchos 15A have by far been our favorite vacations. My family has had the privilege of staying at Los Ranchos 15A a few times. It is the ideal vacation place. We have adult children who are starting families, and we cherished our reunions at this particular house. The Los Ranchos complex is perfectly located close to Punta Mita. A scenic road recently opened that goes directly into gated Punta Mita. You can access the Four Seasons and St. Regis hotels, along with many excellent restaurants quickly by car, but also on bikes. The main indoor areas and bedrooms are beautifully decorated and very comfortable. However, the pool and colossal palapa area is the heart of this home. Gathering and lounging there is a dream. The house’s full-time staff is very accommodating and discreet. Every day, the maid cleaned the house, the palapa was organized, our bedrooms were made-up, and Arturo brought drinks to the pool. Frequently, the house manager would stop by to make sure everything was going well. In addition, he can arrange any available activities. We particularly enjoyed snorkeling and deep-sea fishing. The fishing boat sailed right to the house for pickup and drop-off! He also set for a chef to come and make us a fantastic customized dinner. It was so delightful!
Victoria Smith
“We will never forget the feelings we get at Casa Escondida!”
Every year, my husband and I retreat to the Casa with our friends for what is always the best week of the year. In fact, we’re going back in a few months and cannot wait to lay down under the palapa! Everything about Casa Escondida makes me feel peaceful elevation. This place will transport you to another state of mind from the architecture to the design, from the tranquil pool to the considerate staff caring for us. Whether we’re doing yoga poolside, getting a massage, throwing a frisbee on the beach, or kayaking down the shore… this place has more than enough excitement to fill a week. (Although there’s no shame in lounging under the palapa with mojitos for the whole week, either!) We will never forget the feeling we get at Casa Escondida. This is a uniquely special place I hope to return to for many years to come.